What are some noticeable points spoken by Elon Musk at the B World conference?

What are some noticeable points spoken by Elon Musk at the B World conference?

At the B World Conference on Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed his upcoming strategy for colonizing Mars.

With sustainability on Earth reaching a tipping point, and population growth destroying natural resources and ecosystems, we must now plan for human existence in outer space during the long journey to becoming a space-faring civilization. Putting some of our people outside the planet will be an important part of humanity’s future support system.

It is anticipated that SpaceX will offer flights around 2020 for a primary ticket price of $200K per person or send humans to Mars as soon as 2024. These ambitions require addressing evacuation concerns and also developing conceptions about what governing social structures may look like in our very first settlement off Earth.

Considering into account these issues one may ask, what kind of government is adapted to the needs of a colony in exile?

Musk’s answer was surprising: Space exploration will have to be brutally ruled by a dictatorial regime and that government would have to be run as a company. The leader who could implement these radical changes is Elon Musk himself because he possesses the charisma and spirit necessary to maintain the first colony of Earthlings on Mars.

“The first flights are going to be really expensive,” he said during his speech in Mexico City, “but if you can get that down to even half-price per flight I think enough people would use it where you could have, say, a hundred people go at a time. Then you really could have a self-sustaining colony.”

The initial flights will serve only the rich, but as soon as other people start traveling to Mars, Musk believes that the colonies can become self-sufficient and begin paying for themselves over time: “If you’re willing to spend money on a ticket, we can guarantee you a lift to Mars. It will be dangerous, and we will probably lose some of the people, but it’s better than dying on Earth.”

“It would have to be some sort of ‘master-planned community,’ ” Musk said. “The goal I think would ultimately become the transformation into a self-sustaining civilization on Mars, to be clear.”

It’s hard to predict the economic system that a Martian colony would operate with. But it is predictable that the colonists themselves will have to contribute in every way they can: “Being an old-fashioned person, I think there will need to be some sort of income redistribution,” Musk said. “In the future, if we go to Mars and establish a self-sustaining civilization on Mars the “Founding Fathers” will be the people who make that happen.”

All of Musk’s ideas are described in his book “The Future We’re Making: A Deep Dive into Space Exploration, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Life Extension & Global Warming” which was published on December 18, 2017.

Elon Musk has created a huge mixture of reactions all over the globe: in general people are very supportive but there is some resistance as well. Space X’s Mars colony strategy reflects that human beings have been expanding throughout history and one day we will reach other planets where humanity can expand as well.

Musk is aiming for a successful future in which we won’t be dealing with real estate struggles and health insurance. He wants to help us create a change that will make life on Earth better, so he created Tesla Motors and Space X. The latter aims to put at least 100 colonists on Mars by 2027, while the former will help us overcome the struggle of our reliance on fossil fuels.

Musk is a very brave person who has enormous faith in himself and his projects because he knows that if something doesn’t work out, there’s still a backup plan. He just never gives up on himself and strives to make our world better by pushing humanity towards further development.

Musk’s plans are definitely worth being praised because he wants to speed up the process of colonization on Mars, which is a great thing in my opinion. He inspires people to start working harder and make positive changes all over the world. Maybe his ideas seem a little far-fetched or unrealistic but it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth a shot. I’m completely sure that should his plans succeed, humanity will prevail and one day colonize other planets as well. This is what Musk believes in and this is what he wants to achieve with Space X.

Learn more about the colonization of Mars at: http://www.spacex.com/news

What are some noticeable points spoken by Elon Musk at the B World conference?

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