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How To Write A Memorable About Us Page (With Copywriting Tips, Examples & Formulas)

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how to write a memorable about us page

Today I’m sharing the 2 formulas you need to know if you wanna write authentic authority building and just all-around awesome about pages that’ll get you more clients and customers every damn time. All right Sir truth bomb it doesn’t matter what needs or industry you’re working in after your home page your about page is the most important supporting asset that you can include on your main website. Your about page is what potential clients will visit most frequently when they’re thinking about buying from you but aren’t quite convinced just yet because the truth is that today audiences are seeking out more than just products and services they’re seeking out products and services from brands they connect with and ones that share their same personal values.

 So your about page is your way of answering the question but who are you well it’s a very important question to answer because today prospects have a ton of solutions to choose from so even when your sales page or homepage explains every single feature and overcomes every possible objection that alone may not be enough to get your prospect to pick you over your competition. Oftentimes the deciding factor in a prospecting your their business is your brand story mission and values which they will find out about upon reading your about page. Yet unfortunately many businesses today are still making the mistake of treating their about page like a tedious obligation and just throwing up boring old files to prove that they are a real human being or a team of human beings but I’m here to tell you that your about page is a valuable opportunity for your prospects to connect with who you are what you do and why you do it. 

Now there are 2 formulas that I always follow to write authentic authority building and all-around awesome about pages that will get you more clients and customers and in today’s article I’m breaking down both formulas for you step by step.

 Hey guys what’s up it’s Ash Swan welcome to my blog, now the inspiration for this week’s article came directly from the students in my copywriter coaching program. So a few of them were asked to write about pages lately and they asked me, Ash, what’s the difference between an about page for a Personal brand versus an about page for an Organization well I thought it was that’s a good question one that the rest of the copywriter community would likely benefit from and that is why we’re exploring this topic in today’s blog but first I want to take a moment to give my copy because the students and all of you a massive shout out this community this forum. All of my content would not be what it is today without the questions and inspiration that come directly from you I could not ask for rather prove freelancers and entrepreneurs so thank you for being here and thank you for your continued support suggestions and questions so give me a thumbs up below if you’re already part of the FLYINGSWAN here on the website. New around here welcome, I’ve got new copywriting marketing or mindset that you know every single week.

 All right now let’s dive straight into the 2 different types of about pages you might have to write about each.

 Formula number one personal brands now when it comes to brands many start out by integrating their story briefly on the home page itself but it is always smart to have a dedicated about page now personal brand have a bit of an advantage because they can share their own personal story to establish a connection and emotional resonance with the reader when prospects can see themselves in your story identify with your mission and visualize their own potential for success through your personal journey they begin to form an annoying aligns with your brand every about page for the personal brand should include these 6 things that first, of course, you knew it was coming and the headline so the main goal here is to inspire your reader and give them an idea of what your brand, not your product is all about. 

You can write a single headline or have the main headlines the subheadline but just remember that you want your readers to feel an immediate sense of belonging and Inspire them to keep reading. Next up is your intro so here you want to share your mission and give the reader a clear explanation of your purpose explain what makes you or your brand different unique or special and why your reader should used to hang out with you and not your competition. All right next up is your story so this part will depend on your brand personality you could write it is a story that spans your whole personal origin story and how it led you to where you are today or you could write it as a detailed bio that focuses on your experience and accomplishments and because I know you’re wondering there’s really no right or wrong link for how much you should include in your story just remember that the objective here is to present a narrative that relates to your mission and vision.

 Next up is your method so this is completely optional but if the method or approach that you use in your products and services requires additional education or explanation then here is where you could expand on it so for example if your brand utilizes a unique method of aerobatic healing and a functional holistic approach to food and medicine. You would probably want to explain that a little bit more because while it may make sense to you, your prospects may be a little unclear on what that actually means. 

 All right next up is your authority so this is where you want to include additional credibility factors like a content press for platforms you’ve been featured on so for example if you have an active blog or social following or you’ve been featured on authority sites podcasts or spoken on stages this is a great place to highlight your top features.

 And lastly of course a call to action so you should always let your readers know what the next step is how they can work with you or what they can do to get started so if you offer a range of products and services you can feature your best one here or offer them a free resource or if I can set up a call with you or whatever action you want them to take Max. 

 All right now moving on to the second about page formula that you need to know about page former. Number 2: organizations for organizations and bigger brands that aren’t personality faced you need to use your about page to humanize your brand so personal brands do have an advantage over larger organizations that aspect so here you need to inspire the reader with your collective mission and showcase the people practices and values that are behind the organization this type of about pages should include these things, yes the first is the headline most organizations are pretty straightforward when it comes to their about page in my just say about us, not the header is really where you should establish your brand vision or U. S. P. with an awesome headline. Remember you still need to catch attention. Entice your readers to actually read your about page. 

Next up is the mission so here you need to define your brand mission and give the reader a high-level explanation of how your products and services contribute to it so this is where you might challenge the status quo or call it certain problems that you see in the industry. 

All right next up is your brand’s story so this could be a detailed timeline or journey of how the organization was founded how it’s involved what’s accomplished along the way and of course the bigger version of what it’s working towards if the brand is driven by a public personality like a founder or group of friends or family then this could be where you feature the founder story as well and when it comes to life once again there is no standard length here you just need to make sure you’re accomplishing the goal of inspiring your reader and relating them to your brand’s mission. 

The Method: now this is where you can introduce or expand the more unique attributes of your organization things like company values working culture or the behind the scenes look at your company like this values and by the section on the flourishing drive academy about page.

 Team, numerous studies have shown that customers appreciate organizations that prioritize and value the contributions of their employees being able to put names and faces to the brand will make the buying experience more personal.

 And lastly of course a call to action so if you offer a range of products and services you can feature your best ones right here or at the very least let your reader know what the next step is for them to get started as a trial offer or to book a call with you or to start shopping. Just remember that no matter what industry you’re in or what type of business you have to your about page is prime real estate for you to reel in your past. Dimmers by being real until next time I’m Ash Swan out all right.

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